Friday, April 21, 2006

Ten Things We Hate...

Anyone have anything to add to finish these lists?

Ten Things We Hate to hear ourselves say to our kids;
1) If I have to tell you one more time...
2) Don't put that in the toilet!
3) Do NOT put the DVDs in the VCR!
... (An updated version of "Don't put bread in the VCR!"
4) Don't play with the plunger!
5) Alright, that's it!
6) If I have to pull this car over...
7) Okay, everybody, it's time to do your chores.
8) Okay, everybody, it's time to get ready for bed! (Well, okay, maybe that one's not so bad!)
9) Could you at least AIM for the potty?

Ten Things We Hate to hear kids say;
1) Uh-Oh...
2) Ooooooooo, I'm telling!
3) I have to go potty...
4) Can I have another snack?
5) That's gross! I'm not eating that!
6) That's not fair!
7) I want some more candy, I want some more candy, I want some more candy...
8) ...ohhh, my tummy hurts...
9) (whinng) She/he won't stop touching me!
10) Never mind; I don't have to go anymore...

Ten Things We Hate to hear our "significant other" say;
1) It'll only take a minute...
2) Just give me 5 minutes...
3) Go ahead and start without me.
4) ...uh, yeah, sure...
5) This doesn't look right; I need to change...
6) Dinner's not ready yet? What've you been doing all day?
7) How much did that cost??
8) It won't happen again...
9) (woman to man) Could you please remember to put the seat down?
10) (man to woman) What's the big deal?

Ten People We Hate to hear say "Uh-Oh";
1) Drycleaners
2) Hairdressers
3) Chefs
4) Accountants
5) Toddlers
6) Teenagers
7) Dentists
8) Surgeons
9) People using power tools